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Tasmania Reserve Estate Edit

Website: [1] Edit

License & Usage Conditions Edit

The data does not appear to be under any particular license, simply Copyright State of Tasmania.

Email consent has been granted.

Tags Edit

Example Source Data Edit

Proposed tag mapping: Edit

OSM Key protection_title=* name=* start_date=* end_date=*

Example Import XML

 <relation id="xxxxxx" version="1" timestamp="2013-06-16T22:22:20Z" changeset="xxxxxxxxx" uid="xxxxxxx" user="">
    <member type="way" ref="xxxxxxxxx" role="outer"/>
    <tag k="boundary" v="protected_area"/>
    <tag k="landuse" v="forest"/>
    <tag k="name" v="Tahune Forest Reserve"/>
    <tag k="type" v="multipolygon"/>
    <tag k="start_date" v="1992-11-26"/>
    <tag k="operator" v="DPIPWE"/>
    <tag k="protection_title" v="Forest Reserve"/>

Static Tags Edit

leisure=nature_reserve tag will be added to relations that fit the category.

The following tags will be applied to the import changeset(s):

source=Tasmanian Reserve Estate Spatial Layer 2014

Progress Edit

National Parks - complete

Wellington Park - complete

Conservation Areas - complete

State Reserves - complete

State Forests - complete

Regional Reserves - complete

Game Reserves - complete

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